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2002 was my tenth conference!

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For Colorado Software Summit attendees
     Download newest profiler.jar here (42K)

Quick manual: just run
        java -jar profiler.jar
Click on the File button to load a profile and browse through the results. You can order on any column by clicking on the titles.
You can click on the Reference File to load a second (older) profile. The data presented will reflect the differences between the profiles. This is useful when you want to evaluate the effect of a change in algorithms between two profiling runs. GC calls are factored out automatically.

Sheets of all my presentations at Keystone

My 2002 presentations

SuperString Theory
Java NIO as in New Improved Optimized

My 2000 presentations

Where did all my megahertz go?
I/O, I/O, it's off to work we go

My 1999 presentations

Finding your HotSpot, Debugging and Profiling Java Code
Shall I wrap that up for you, or are you going to run it here?

My 1998 presentations

Java Performance
The Classfile format and how to protect your code